Balcony & Deck Safety

Regular inspections needed

The tragic collapse of a balcony in a rented property recently highlights the need for regular inspections by a suitably qualified building practitioner. All balconies and decks are constructed to carry a specific load and should not be overloaded. Signs that a balcony or deck may have deteriorated include:

  • It feels unsteady or bounces underfoot;
  • There are signs of cracking or bowing;
  • It has loose bolts;
  • It looks like it hasn’t been well maintained;
  • It hasn’t been painted for a while;
  • It’s showing signs of timber rot, rust or water damage;
  • There’s creaking or flexibility in joists or beams;
  • There are heavy items that might put the structure under pressure;
  • It looks like it was an informal, or unapproved construction;
  • It is more than 20 years old

This advice has been provided by the Real Estate Institute of Victoria to all accredited agency members of the REIV

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Balcony & Deck Safety